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The Bitch Bible

Apr 26, 2016

Jackie and friend Greg Bennett embark on a humiliating journey podcasting in public. They drink lukewarm champagne, insult innocent bystanders and rejoice in all things pop culture!

Apr 20, 2016

It's music to your ears - Part 2 of our latest Dr. Schimmel session. Prepare your Lexapro prescription pad and a stiff drink, because some bitches are about to get TOLD.

Apr 13, 2016

Jackie and her soul sister Amy Philips break down everything Bravo and pop culture, from Housewives (including Potomac #ugh) to the fact that Cara Delevingne is depressed (really?), and address the fact that a certain #prettymess is absent from the Bitch Bible guest line up.

Apr 5, 2016

Jackie binges in some seriously scalding hot tea (bank robbery, botox and incest, OH MY!) with Kristen Doute before they go on a much deserved Kennedy Kleanse. Other topics include annoying kids, thigh gaps and how to get away with murder.