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The Bitch Bible

Jan 28, 2020

Jackie reflects and psychoanalyzes her brush with Hough's and her viral exorcism video. She also touches on "grief groupies", vaginal etiquette and the Grammy's.


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Jan 21, 2020

Jackie enters another downward spiral anticipating her upcoming live shows, plots Real Housewives of Dallas' fate, suspects foul play at a yogurt shop and answers listener questions!


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Jan 14, 2020

Jackie records her first podcast of 2020 and discusses Megxit, Denise Richards alleged lesbian tryst, how to get engaged and not be an awful human.


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Jan 7, 2020

Jackie gets ghosted by Stephanie Hollman and in a pinch decided to give impromptu year end reviews to her “Coordinator of Chaos” Jacque and producer Taylor. It’s an HR nightmare.


Produced By Dear Media