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The Bitch Bible

Aug 25, 2020

Jackie goes back to basics and teaches a masterclass on leading with your inner psycho. She fine tunes her betrayal course of action plan and recounts the time her husband c*ck blocked her from Harry Styles.


Produced By Dear Media

Aug 21, 2020

Jackie celebrates her 30th birthday, instills some misguided life lessons, talks Brandi and Denise, WAP and how to live your best CAPS LOCK LIFE.


Produced By Dear Media

Aug 11, 2020

Jackie sits down with Alex Cooper from the "Call Her Daddy" podcast to talk about her public media crisis, psychological warfare, friend break ups, plus dating tips and sex life.


Produced By Dear Media

Aug 4, 2020

Jackie recaps her first wine tasting experience, the brillo pad erupting from her scalp and all the latest Real Housewives drama,