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The Bitch Bible

Feb 23, 2021

Jackie has awkward run in with new neighbor who thinks her name is Brenda, tries to summon Lucifer to haunt her future home and pays homage to Heather Gay, side parts and white dudes with tequila brands.


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 16, 2021

Jackie is joined by Hannah Berner to discuss a myriad of things that will ultimately get them the presidential suite whilst burning in the depths of hell.


Produced By Dear Media

Feb 9, 2021

Jackie reminisces on her 6 year anniversary of the podcast and tells the fucked up slash dark "fairytale" of how it all began. 
Produced By Dear Media

Feb 2, 2021

Jackie talks about bringing Grandma Gloria to "Paris" and how she nearly died over steak frites, why Andrew and her almost divorced and what to do when you catch your significant other watching porn!