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The Bitch Bible

Mar 30, 2021

Jackie recaps Passover, inconsistencies with celebrities and their social issues and her journey with health and wellness.

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Mar 23, 2021

Jackie has a dental emergency, explores her toxic relationship with Costco, gives Emrata some words of discouragement and probably gets disinvited from future dinner parties.


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Mar 16, 2021

Jackie deals with her Grammy nomination snub, why some funerals feel like low budge Coachella and delights with some new poetry she penned after a few cocktails of despair.


Produced By Dear Media

Mar 9, 2021

Jackie has a tryst with John Mayer, talks Megan and Harry and recaps some of her psychotic behavior all in the spirit of International Women's Day!


Produced By Dear Media

Mar 2, 2021

Jackie becomes unglued while watching red carpet coverage, teaches you how to make a roast chicken and slaps an innocent samaritan at a local strip mall.


Produced By Dear Media