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The Bitch Bible

Jun 29, 2021

Jackie is back restless and guestless and is in the mood to go off the fucking rails. She discusses #freebritney, talks shit about influencer families and her impending cancellation.


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Jun 22, 2021

Jackie showcases true job security by having a year in review catch-up with Lauryn and Michael Bosstick. They discuss the vow of silence, “cancel culture”, housewives legal woes and more. 


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Jun 15, 2021

Jackie and friend Amanda Hirscho from podcast "Not Skinny But Not Fat" do a Emrata deep dive and kibbitz over pop culture bullshit.


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Jun 8, 2021

Jackie is back in studio for the first time in a year and a half whilst testing HR policies and prank calling listeners. She gives financial advice (yikes), sells her husbands semen and changes one listeners life. Not really.


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Jun 1, 2021

Jackie recites new poetry inspired by former neighbor Cheryl, has a driveby exorcism in Camarillo, recaps RHOBH and discusses her impending MOVE.


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