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The Bitch Bible

Nov 25, 2021

Jackie is #grateful this year and recapping her latest funeral, Pete and Kim, the do's and dont's of Thanksgiving and her affinity for cantaloupe jello. You are welcome.
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Nov 19, 2021

Jackie recaps her trip to Nashville and NYC, talks Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and coins a new medical psychology term "trauma truffle butter" to help soothe the impending doom of the holiday season.


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Nov 9, 2021

Jackie goes over a very detailed account of people, places and bizarre things that give her rosacea and make her irrationally angry. She also goes through the Goop Gift Guide and will change your entire perspective on frosted lip gloss.


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Nov 4, 2021

Jackie breaks down pop culture happenings, explores her crush on Pete Davidson, talks about her dead mom again and answers listener questions as the cringe cherry on top!


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