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The Bitch Bible

Jun 21, 2022

Jackie answers listener questions and offers verbally abusive misguided life advice! Because maybe everything is actually all your own fault.


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Jun 18, 2022

Jackie is joined by her sister to reminisce on problematic child behavior, Alex McCord and a bunch of other shit Jackie can't remember because she doesn't use an outline.


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Jun 13, 2022

Jackie recovers from Covid and shares her new funky way of detracting birds, cries during home renovations, Britney Spears wedding coverage and also justice for Sutton Stracke!


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Jun 5, 2022

Jackie gets coronavirus for the second time and fights for her life with a real time alien encounter. Please send Zinc and Demi Lovato.
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Jun 1, 2022

Jackie is back on American soil and enters a stream of conscious balls deep in dramamine. She talks Taylor Swifts bangs, RHOBH Kathy Hilton drama, supports Anna Delvey's art career and shares the unfortunate misstep of her current nail art.
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