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The Bitch Bible

Jul 26, 2022

Jackie issues a public apology, shares her rough start to Leo season and how she made contact with her dead mom.


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Jul 19, 2022

Jackie explains why Michael Buble has ruined her entire life, how to find self worth at the Home Depot and what to do when you find your husband playing guitar whilst defecating. 


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Jul 12, 2022

Jackie goes on a pre-Leo season bender and drops a new Halloween precautionary song for the kiddos, Jen Shah arrest, her newest act of philanthropy and why Emrata should hold off on her second book. This episode is psychotic and you are welcome.
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Jul 8, 2022

Jackie updates you on her Italian parasite, Leo season energy, Julianne Hough and her alleged tampon disposal and other legally dicey terrain.


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Jul 1, 2022

Jackie is back from Italy with memories and an alleged tapeworm. She has a rare honest moment of feminism, recaps her travels abroad, her altercation with Peta and why cookie cutters should be illegal.


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