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The Bitch Bible

Jun 29, 2016

Got 99 problems? A bitch ain't one. Jackie recovers from her x rated engagement party by answering listener emails and offering her brutal advice. The truth hurts and so does Jackie's head.

Jun 21, 2016

Jackie goes in deep on some reality television commentary as she spends a Monday night in a robe with a few too many cocktails recapping your faves from The Bachelorette to Real Housewives of OC to Southern Charm.

Jun 15, 2016

Jackie and her wishfully neglected BFF Dan Kramer (not gay) discuss the intricacies of platonic relationships and pros and cons. Pro: he buys you dinner without putting out. Con: you want to kill him 98% of the time. Bro apetite.

Jun 8, 2016

Jackie and Annie Lawless break down all things health and wellness and bitchiness - Is there a natural supplement on the same level of Xanax? Did Gigi and Zayn really break up? Does Jackie maybe get a panic attack during this episode and scarf down a granola bar with high fructose corn syrup? Find out in this episode…...

Jun 1, 2016

Jackie hits the road with only her pup and the voices in her head to start planning her impending nuptials. Whilst deep in the trenches of wedding venue scouting, Jackie pauses to podcast some deep reflections on children at weddings and curious intrigue in the sexual leanings of the hot groundskeepers. Join her as...