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The Bitch Bible

Feb 24, 2022

Jackie is joined by friend and fellow podcaster Jared Freid to discuss luxury problems, first date tips and role playing techniques for psychopaths (ehem me).


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Feb 17, 2022

Jackie falls victime to a family intervention over abusing Advil PM and shares her journey with insomniac recovery. She also praises speech impediments, the character building effects of light bullying and why Kristen Bell and Dax Sheperd need a new mattress asap.


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Feb 9, 2022

Jackie has Enneagram specialist Jorja White on to discuss personality types and how to be the most/ least functional version of yourself. 


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Feb 2, 2022

Jackie recaps Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Kanye West's breakup plan and why Minnie Mouse should file a class action lawsuit.


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