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The Bitch Bible

Nov 29, 2022

Jackie enters the holiday season with a bang. She is tackling Balenciaga, tufted furniture, and everything else in her fraudulently festive wake. Grab your jingle balls and buckle up this episode is a RIDE.

Nov 22, 2022

Jackie enters the holiday season with tips on how not to embarrass yourself, discusses some Katink fashion philosophies and how she broke up Harry and Olivia.


Produced By Dear Media

Nov 16, 2022

Jackie recaps her Harry Styles experience, reflects on why people hate her and dodges pink eye from Grandma Gloria
Produced By Dear Media

Nov 11, 2022

After collosally fucking up her pre-recorded episode Jackie shows the integrity of a true professional by freeballing a new episode all in the pursuit of quality control. She talks home decor, Selena Gomez and gives an exciting holiday update on friend of the show Cheryl!

Nov 1, 2022

Jackie has a psychotic break after trying to help write music for local small businesses, has a stroke at Jennifer Lopez's home decor and offers Beverley Mitchell an open cash reward to come appear on the show.